Acquisition Of Turkish Citizenship By Establishing a Company in Turkey

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Since Turkey has a large market in the trade to be made to many parts of the world, it is quite in a strategic position. It is also possible for foreigners to make small, medium and large-scale investments in Turkey. Possible to operate. In addition, foreigners investing and establishing companies in Turkey and might be also benefit from many advantages such as low tax rates, incentives, and a residence permit for himself and his family and can receive education, can also ensure that their children receive education in Turkey. Besides all this, investment the legal regulations on obtaining Turkish citizenship through “Right to acquire Turkish Citizenship for foreigners who bring at least USD 500,000 fixed capital investment” is available.

Citizenship By Providing Employment

Turkish citizenship is granted 3-5 months after the applicant invests. Applicants must hold the investment for at least 3 years in turkey. Please contact our consultants for more information on the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship By Establishing a Company

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What are the documents required to become a Turkish citizen by establishing a company?

Investment information form: information about the invested company in the form, the investment subject to the company's equity, there is information about the share of the investor in the capital investment.

A valid passport and its notarized Turkish translation,

4 (four) biometric photographs suitable for passports,

Back and front photocopy of the residence permit,

A minimum of 500,000 USD or a different foreign currency or Turkish investment as a capital investment.

Special purpose report approved by the Certified Public Accountant showing that the amount of TL equivalent has been deposited,

Turkish Citizenship By Establishing a Company

By the Ministry of Industry and Technology, a minimum amount of 500,000 USD or a different foreigners who are determined to have made fixed capital investments in foreign currency or Turkish Lira equivalent, they will be able to acquire Turkish citizenship with the decision of the President.

As can be seen, the relevant monetary amount can be exchanged in foreign currency or Turkish Lira instead of US Dollars can be brought. This amount, which was planned to be US$ 2,000,000 before 2018, will be reduced after the relevant change.

It has been reduced to $500,000. In other words, on 19.09 2018 and after, the fixed capital investment value is 500,000 US dollars. It is necessary and sufficient to have USD: Due to investments made before January 12, 2017 foreign investors do not have the right to apply for citizenship.

After January 12, 2017 the applications to be made, while calculating the capital investment, the past 3-year expenditures are taken into account. Foreign person or persons who are entitled to citizenship by capital investment, that is, by establishing a company, the company will not be able to transfer its shares to another legal or real person for a minimum of 3 years.

How to Turkish citizen by establishing a company?

Foreign investor who wants to acquire citizenship completely buys a non-public company or if he becomes a shareholder at a certain rate, the amount corresponding to the share purchased is at least It must be in the amount of 500.000 US Dollars or a different foreign currency or Turkish Liras.

In this case, from the foreign investor, regarding the market valuation of the partner or purchased company. It may also be required to submit a company value report obtained from authorized institutions. The investment may be in addition to an already made investment. In such a case, additional the increase in the investment amount as of the start of the investment and the foreign investment in the company partnership will be taken into account.

In other words, if the foreign investment is a shareholder in the company at a certain rate, the corresponding rate will be multiplied by the additional investment amount and the resulting amount will be a minimum of 500,000. It will need to be in US Dollars or a different currency or Turkish Lira equivalent.