Turkish Citizenship By Investment

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Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment, Reliance on CBI’s Professional Experience.

Foreign nationals who do not work in Turkey but will invest within the scope and amounts determined according to the Presidency’s decision, as well as their spouses and children under the age of 18, can acquire Turkish Citizenship as an exception. Foreign nationals who have purchased a real estate (such as a house or workplace) worth at least 400.000 USD (USD / US Dollar) and their spouses and children under 18 years of age can apply for Turkish citizenship as an exception. Real persons of foreign nationality are given the right to acquire Turkish citizenship through exceptional procedures, in case they purchase real estate worth $400,000 or more.

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The Republic of Turkey has an important position in the world at the economic, cultural and geographical levels and is in the first place due to its rich and ancient history, established present and hopeful future, it has been successful in drawing investors and tourists. An important destination for those seeking stability, investment and science. In recent years, the Turkish government has enacted various laws that make it easier for some groups to obtain citizenship and enjoy its significant advantages. Citizenship can be obtained in several official ways. One of them is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship with bank deposits.

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Since Turkey has a large market in the trade to be made to many parts of the world, it is quite in a strategic position. It is also possible for foreigners to make small, medium and large-scale investments in Turkey. Which is possible to operate. In addition, foreigners investing and establishing companies in Turkey and might be also benefit from many advantages such as low tax rates, incentives, and a residence permit for himself and his family and can receive education, also to ensure that their children receive education in Turkey. Besides all this, investment the legal regulations on obtaining Turkish citizenship through “Right to acquire Turkish Citizenship for foreigners who bring at least USD 500,000 fixed capital investment” is available.

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