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Types of passports used in Turkey

Turkish Passport Types

Turkish passport is a privilege given only to Turkish citizens and has different advantages according to its types. In our country, different sorts of passports are distinguished by color and are designated for users of various classes. Different sorts of passports are held by citizens, government officials, senior government officials, and diplomats. Passports used in Turkey include the following:

1-What is an Ordinary Passport (Bordeaux Passport)

In our country, the burgundy passport, which is the sort of passport available to all Turkish citizens without special status, is frequently utilized. With the permission of the Ministry of Interior, it is only provided to citizens of the Republic of Turkey. A Bordeaux passport is a document that inhabitants of the Republic of Turkey present to foreign authorities in order to be identified while traveling abroad. All Turkish citizens who have been approved by the proper government agencies can receive a Bordeaux passport. The qualifying criteria apply to instances in which a person has no restrictions to traveling overseas. The burgundy passport is advantageous because it is the passport kind that requires the fewest application paperwork. Without a visa, Bordeaux passport holders can visit over a hundred countries, while the exact number varies. Burgundy passports, which have a validity length ranging from one to ten years, offer a significant benefit to inhabitants who travel regularly.

What is an Ordinary Passport-Bordeaux Passport
Turkish bordeaux passport

2-Special Passport: Green Passport

Unlike other passport kinds, the green passport, which is awarded to civil workers, state athletes, and business persons who meet specified conditions, provides different benefits to the beneficiary’s family members.

The green passport is a unique sort of passport that is only provided to a select set of people in our country.

The green passport has several advantages over the burgundy passport, including visa-free travel to additional countries, the ability for certain family members to benefit from the passport’s benefits, the ability to use the passport even after retirement in some situations. Green passport holders are exempt from passport fees.

turkish green passport
Turkish green passport

3-Diplomatic Passport: Black Passport

Diplomatic passports, the most privileged of all passport categories and commonly known as black passports, are issued to a smaller number of persons than other types.

The black passport is an international identification document given to high Turkish government officials. The diplomatic passport is given to both the family and the individual to whom it is given. In comparison to other passport kinds, it offers visa-free travel to more countries. Top diplomats, troops, and employees of the government are given the diplomatic black passport.

The black passport, which signifies diplomatic status, allows visa-free travel to a greater number of countries than other passport kinds. Families can also benefit from the diplomatic black passport, which has no expenses.

Turkish green passport

4-Service Passport : Gray Passport

The service passport, which is designed for people who will serve in the military abroad, is different from other passports in that it has a different purpose. Unlike other passports, this form of passport, often known as a gray passport, cannot be used for tourist purposes. The gray passport, which is given to people who do not have a green passport or who do not meet the requirements for a green passport, is only valid for the period of their service and contains the appropriate country’s visa. The gray passport is provided to persons who will work for the government abroad. The gray passport, which is issued to those who do not meet the requirements for green or black passports, cannot be used for tourist journeys and must be returned to the appropriate government agency if the service is discontinued. The gray passport, which does not require a cost, distributes the benefits of the passport to the right holder’s family, just like a private passport. Furthermore, the completion of visa formalities within the passport issuance process provides tremendous convenience to the owner.

turkish service passport
Turkish gray passport


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