Obtaining Turkish Citizenship By Bank Investment

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Become a Turkish citizen with a profitable investment with CBI expertise

For foreign investors who are either willing to invest in real estate nor navigating the business world can make a capital investment. The minimum capital investment amount has been currently set at $500,000.

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The Republic of Turkey has an important position in the world at the economic, cultural and geographical levels and is in the first place due to its rich and ancient history, established present and hopeful future, it has been successful in drawing investors and tourists. An important destination for those seeking stability, investment and science. In recent years, the Turkish government has enacted various laws that make it easier for some groups to obtain citizenship and enjoy its significant advantages. Citizenship can be obtained in several official ways. One of them is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship with bank deposits.

What are the documents required to become a Turkish citizen by establishing a company?

Investment information form: information about the invested company in the form, the investment subject to the company's equity, there is information about the share of the investor in the capital investment.

A valid passport and its notarized Turkish translation,

4 (four) biometric photographs suitable for passports,

Back and front photocopy of the residence permit,

A minimum of 500,000 USD or a different foreign currency or Turkish investment as a capital investment.

Special purpose report approved by the Certified Public Accountant showing that the amount of TL equivalent has been deposited,

Why Should I Become a Turkish Citizen?

Turkey has been making a significant global impact in business, investment, in recent years, tourism and migrant life have been linked. Therefore, foreign nationals want to enjoy by relocating to Turkey, they will have the same rights as a Turkish citizen. The advantages of Turkish citizenship entails the abolition of the need for a residence permit, thus saving time and money, as well as work permits and voting rights. In addition, individuals who are entitled to become Turkish citizens can also make payments to the social security system for health and retirement benefits. In our country, compulsory education system covers all citizens. The government is responsible for ensuring that everyone is safe, receives basic education free of charge under modern education conditions, without any discrimination among it’s citizens. It provides scholarships for students who can’t afford it. It takes the necessary measures for the citizens who need special education. In accordance with the definition of the Social State, it provides houses, roads, hospitals, parks, sports grounds, and other amenities are provided to its citizens. Turkey, which provides services, has accelerated its service and delivery.

The subject of acquiring Turkish citizenship with bank deposits is one of the ways to acquire Turkish citizenship in an exceptional way. The way for foreign citizens to acquire Turkish citizenship has been opened by making deposits for citizenship applications. Acquiring citizenship by opening a deposit account in Turkey, which has become easier today than in the past, is subject to certain formal conditions.

Applicable Persons

Deposit investment status for citizenship application can only be made by foreign real persons. However, the exception to this situation is Syrian citizens. Accordingly, a foreigner who deposits a certain amount in a bank operating in Turkey can acquire Turkish citizenship under certain conditions.

Application conditions

In order to acquire citizenship by opening a deposit account in Turkey, 500,000 USD or foreign currency or Turkish Lira equivalent to this amount must be deposited in a private or public bank located in Turkey. It is among the procedural conditions to undertake that this deposit will be kept in the relevant bank for at least 3 years. The approval of depositing by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency for citizenship application is also included as the last condition of acquiring Turkish citizenship by depositing money in a bank.

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